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Oliver Brix
Fascinating All Ceramics by Oliver Brix

In 11 chapters and 1200 images, of the highest quality and resolution, featuring special 3d printing, the author describes in minute details how to use lithium disilicate by presenting clinical cases that he has worked on in co-operation with other world renown clinicians. This book is for dental technicians. This prices includes shipping. Please allow 21 days for the […]

Aldo Zilio
Zirconia – the power of light by Aldo Zilio

This highly requested international speaker and author, offers the reader multiple solutions for achieving success in working with Zirconia. Thanks to his vast experience with Zirconia, the author describes, in his 11 chapters text and 1200 outstanding images, his step-by-step approach to creating zirconia solutions for many different types of cases. This book is for dental technicians. This price includes shipping. […]

Paul Giezendanner
Knowledge is the Basis. Success is the Result. By Paul Giezendanner

This book is for the dental technician. Mr. Giezendanner’s “secret” is his wide-ranging knowledge and techniques for the manufacture of porcelain veneers, developed over many years. These set new standards for quality and precision in the field of dental restorations. This valuable book should be a standard reference work for any dental technician. It contains excellent study material. A browse through the […]

AFG Modelling by Alberto Battistelli, Dr. Severino, Dr. La Manna

This useful book is for both dentists and dental technicians. This text, though written as an operational handbook for people just starting out or for those who want to begin again, without the typical shape of ‘’ scientific’’ books, has sunk its roots into the hard sciences (mathematics and geometry) and into the most ancient of artistic techniques,entrusting a system […]

Solving Severe Anterior Wear Problems DVD

When dealing with severe anterior wear problems the primary question that we all ask ourselves is ‘how can I make these teeth look fantastic and last?’


Restorative Aesthetics DVD

This session will analyse both successful and failed cases to delineate the procedures essential for success with conventional and contemporary adhesive restorative dentistry. An objective insight and comparative evaluation of products available will also be given.

A View From the Outside DVD

Anita is an international speaker and is renowned worldwide for her motivational and inspiring lectures on improving the customer experience, developing a practices reputation and improving a practices bottom line.

The Magic of all Ceramic Restorations DVD

After two and a half decades of extensive scientific studies, and long-term clinical observations, the empirical features of bonded ceramic restorations and porcelain veneers have been replaced by well researched scientific findings.

CPD Essentials DVD

Get Your 4 Core Subjects Covered - Medical Emergencies, Disinfection & decontamination, Legal & Ethical Issues and Handling Complaints

The Numbers Can Set You Free DVD

Are you enjoying what you do? Performing dentistry you enjoy? Working hours you prefer? Feeling financially and emotionally rewarded?

Functions and Aesthetics DVD

With the advent of new techniques and materials patients goals can usually be met. Add to that a population who want to look their best and keep their teeth for a lifetime and dentists should all be busy for a long time.


Surface Textures: The Theory of Surface Marks by Bebi Spina

Presents the importance of surface texture occurring in natural teeth and the possibility of its reproduction…

The Incisal Edge: The strong point in the expression of an inciso by Attilio Sommella

The strong point in the expression of an incisorA series of operations needs to be carried out that results in natural looking aesthetics…

Full Dentures According to Slavicek’s Method by Dr. Cuman, Dr. Masnata, Claudio Nannini and Massimo Baldin

Cephalometry a new tool- excellent illustrations of the details of this technique…

Aesthetics and Techniques for New Materials by Paolo Smaniotto and Dr. Beikircher

Admirable clear text, enriched by an interesting and vast iconography which originated from the enthusiasm of two competent men…

Tricks and Hints by Gerald Ubassy

The pages in this book are not offered as trademark techniques but rather as a guide to rational actions and adaptations…

Creating Smiles by Komal Suri

Stylish textbook made up of 4 elements- lab docket, c.d, guidebook, additional info for dentists with real life case studies- before and afters…