Implant Dentistry Today

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Implant Dentistry Today is a subscription title offering a practical focus on the exciting and dynamic field of implant dentistry for readers at all stages of their implant career.

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Implant Dentistry Today is a clinical journal. Its subscribers are made up of implant dentists, those with an interest in implant dentistry, and anyone looking to begin placing, restoring or maintaining dental implants more effectively.

Published six times a year, with three hours of verifiable CPD available in each issue, the magazine’s clinical content is reviewed by its editor-in-chief  to ensure its high-quality articles stay relevant to its audience.


Key features;

  • 6 issues per year
  • 18 hours of verifiable CPD per year
  • High-quality clinical content curated by editor in chief, leading implant dentist Eddie Scher
  • Practical and accessible rather than highly academic – tips and advice you can implement quickly and easily – great for time-strapped, busy dentists
  • Goes beyond clinical practice – ‘Implant essentials’ section discusses some of the wider issues in and around implant dentistry
  • Three hours of verifiable CPD in every issue (18 hours CPD for a one-year subscription).