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The undisputed leaders in dental communications

FMC is the undisputed leader in general dental communications, with an impressively broad reach.
Whether you’re looking to reach the widest possible cross section of dental professionals, or tailor your message to a more precise audience, FMC has a route to market that will suit your business needs perfectly.

Eleven dental titles covering every aspect of dentistry and 185 editions produced each calendar year equate to a lot of opportunities. Placing just one advert for one month in each FMC title gives that message the chance to be seen by 46,900 dental professionals across England, Ireland and Scotland.

Placing just one advert for one month within each FMC title gives that
message the chance to be seen by over 46,900 dental professionals

FMC - A trusted partner to many

Here are just a few reasons why FMC is a trusted partner of dental brands the world over.

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We’re the UK’s market leader in dental communications with 57% market share

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We work with all of the top 150 global dental companies

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Our broad range of dental media, both targeted and mass market, ensures you reach your relevant audience

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Dentistry magazine is the highest-circulated, best-read commercial title in the sector

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Clinical speciality titles for every audience

image description is the UK’s number one most-visited dental website with up to 50,000 unique visitors per month

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