See Tim Donley in his only UK appearance

peridontic-main-200x300Do not miss out on this fantastic seminar and hands-on event with the popular Tim Donley. This two day seminar is for the whole dental team and will be held at the Royal Society of Medicine, London.

Tim Donley presents a brand new programme and, for the first time, a live demonstration including a hands-on workshop with the fantastic Mervyn Druian. In this seminar he will present a new streamlined diagnostic approach along with brand new information on host modulation therapy, nutrition and topical antioxidant therapy.

Day 1- 7 hours CPD

Do you find the use of hand instruments or ultrasonics confusing? Perhaps you often wonder whether local antibiotic therapy would be useful in a situation or whether the patient would benefit from host modulation therapy. This seminar will examine these issues and provide the solutions, enabling you to make better decisions.

Day 2- 6 hours of CPD

In this session Tim Donley will present a new treatment approach which makes it easy to decide chair side what to do to help your patient and your practice.  A classroom style hands-on session in periodontal therapy will be included on ultrasonic insert, proper selection and local antibiotic delivery technique on models.

See Dr Tim Donley in his only UK visit in 2012, this is not to be missed, one day seminar price £355 + VAT or to book onto the two days £650 + VAT. Hurry only 40 places available for hands-on!

0800 371 652